Friday, April 3, 2009

The Keyword View

The Keyword View enables you to create and view the steps of your test in a keyword-driven, modular, table format. The Keyword View is comprised of a table-like view, in which each step is a separate row in the table, and each column represents different parts of the steps. You can modify the columns displayed to suit your requirements.

You create and modify tests by selecting items and operations in the Keyword View and entering information as required. Each step is automatically documented as you complete it, enabling you to view a description of your test steps in understandable English.

Each operation performed on your application or Web site during a recording session is recorded as a row in the Keyword View.

For each row in the Keyword View, QuickTest displays a corresponding line of script in the Expert View. If you focus on a specific step in the Keyword View and switch to the Expert View, the cursor is located in that corresponding line of the test.
Note: The Keyword View replaces the Tree View found in earlier versions of QuickTest. Many of the operations you could perform from the Tree View can be performed in a similar manner from the Keyword View. For example, right-click on a step to access context-sensitive options for that step, such as checkpoint, output value and action-related operations.

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