Saturday, July 4, 2009

Automation Fundamental Concepts

What is Test Automation ?

Software Test Automation is the process of automating the steps of manual test cases using an automation tool Or utility to shorten the testing life cycle with respect to time…

When application undergoes regression, some of the steps might be missed out or skipped which can be avoided in Automation…

Automation helps to avoid human errors and also expedite the testing process…

To implement the Test Automation detailed planning and effort is required

Automation saves time and effort which results in reduction of the Test life cycle…

Benefits of Automation
- Consistency of Test Execution
- Reducing cycle time of regression test cycles
- Data driven testing
- Repeatability
- Coverage
- Reliability
- Reusability of test wares

Automation life cycle is a subset of the entire test life cycle…

Automation planning can be initiated in parallel to the test planning phase…

Factors to be considered in automation planning,
Stability of AUT (Application under test)
No of regression cycles to be performed
Compatibility of App platform with testing tools
Cost benefit analysis (ROI)
Availability of skilled resources

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