Sunday, August 9, 2009

Enhancements in QTP 10:

1. Upgrade from QTP 9.5 [Note - If you have QTP 9.2 or earlier version is installed, then you need to uninstall those version first. But if you have QTP 9.5 installed, then you can directly upgrade from QTP 9.5 to QTP 10.]

2. Improved IntelliSense Functionality

3. Added Control for Editing and Managing Actions in Automation Scripts

4. Improved Debugger Pane Design and Functionality

5. New Object Identification Solutions in Maintenance Run Mode

6. Additional Configuration Settings for Text Recognition Mechanism

7. New Look for Options, Settings, and File Dialog Boxes

8. QuickTest Toolbar Customization Options

9. Improved Web Extensibility

10. .NET Add-in and Extensibility Improvements

11. New Terminal Emulator Configuration Validation

Note - We will discuss each enhancement in the coming posts.

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