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HP QTP Certification Practice Exam 2

Q1. The Command used to insert the transactions in test is:

A. StartTransaction(Name�), EndTransaction(Name�)

B. Services.StartTransaction "Name", Services.EndTransaction "Name"

C. StartTransaction.services "Name�, EndTransaction.services "Name"

Q2. A step in which one or more values are captured at a specific point in your test and stored for the duration of the run session is:

A. Output Value

B. Checkpoints

C. Active Screen

Q3. QTP can detects an application crash and activate a defined recovery scenario to continue the run session.

A. True

B. false

Q4. In Batch Test process, the test list are saved in file format as:

A. *.mtb

B. *.mts

C. *.mbt

D. *.mtr

Q5. The command used to invoke other application from QTP:

A. InvokeApplication

B. SystemUtil.Run

C. Run

D. Both b & c

E. Both a & b

Q6. The command used to retrieve data from excel sheet is

A. Set ab = Connection("srcfilepath ") , Set ws = ab.getdata(sheetid)

B. Set ab = CreateObject("srcfilepath ") , Set ws = ab.getsheet(sheetid)

C. Set ab = GetObject("srcfilepath") , Set ws = ab.worksheets(sheetid)

Q7. The method that explicitly activates the recovery scenario mechanism is:

A. recovery.activate

B. enable

C. recovery.enable

D. activate

Q8. The method used for sending information to the test results is:

A. Reporter.log()

B. Reporter.reportevent()

C. Reporter.msgbox()

D. Reporter.report()

Q9. To terminate an application that is not responding we use:

A. SystemUtil.terminate

B. SystemUtil.Stop

C. SystemUtil.CloseProcessByName

Q10. The recovery mechanism does not handle triggers that occur in the last step of a test:

A. false

B. True

Q11. We can add Test object methods, function calls into the Test using:

A. Function generator

B. Step generator

C. Object repository

Q12. The method that adds to the test while implementing synchronization is:

A. Synchronize

B. Wait

C. WaitProperty

D. Pause

Q13. The mechanism used to identify objects during run session is:

A. Recovery scenario

B. Smart identification

C. Handling object

Q14. Post-recovery test run options specifies:

A. how to continue the run session after QTP identify the event

B. errors while running

C. recovery scenario during a run session

Q15. The action that can be called multiple times by the test as well as by other tests is called:

A. non-reusable action

B. Reusable action

C. External action

Q16. The command used to connect with Database is:

A. Createobject(connectivity name�)

B. dbconnect(connectivity name)

C. open(connectivity name)

D. None of the above

Q17. The method used to retrieve the folders is:

A. FileSystemObject.Getfolder()

B. FileSystemObject.selectfolder()

C. FileSystemObject.retrievefolder()

Q18. The method used to compare 2 XML files is:

A1. XMLfile1.compare(XMLfile2)

B. XMLcompare(file1,file2)

C. compare(XMLfile1,XMLfile2)

Q19. The QTP script files are stored in the extension of:

A. *.mts

B. *.usr

C. *.mtr

D. *.vbs

Q20. The method used to register the user-defined function with test object is:

A. setFunc()

B. RegisterUserFunc()

C. RegisterFunc()

Q21. The method used to open the specified URL in a browser is:

A. openURL()

B. navigateURL()

C. navigate()

Q22. The 3 Parameter types available in data driver is:

A. DataTable,Environment,Random number

B. DataTable,random number,unique

C. environment,string,numeric

Q23. The method added to the test while parameterizing is:

A. get Data (variable, dtGlobalSheet)

B. get DataTable(variable, dtGlobalSheet)

C. Set Data(variable, dtGlobalSheet)

D. Set DataTable(variable, dtGlobalSheet)

Q24. The length of the array can be get by the method:

A. length(array)

B. ubound(array)

C. count(array)

Q25. The method used to get the count value of list box or combo box is:

A. GetItemsCount

B. GetCount

C. GetItemCount

Q26. To retrieve the current the objects in your application during the run session:

A. GetVisibleText

B. GetROProperty

C. SetROProperty

D. GetTOProperty

Q27. The list of test objects and their properties and values are stored in the:

A. Object Repository

B. Object Identification

Q28. The method used to continue the test execution after getting run-time error is:

1. On Error Resume Next

2. On Error Raise Next

3. On Error Next

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