Thursday, February 4, 2010

QTP Interface

Introduction to QTP (QuickTest Professional)

The Mercury advanced keyword-driven testing solution

Launch QTP

When you Launch QTP, first it will display Addin Manager Window.
Addin Manager window giving information for all supporting technologies for your QTP.

Addin Manager Window

Technologies Supported
Default Support
1. Standard Windows applications
2. Web objects / Applications
3. ActiveX controls
4. Visual Basic applications

Additional QuickTest add-ins Support,
1. Java
2. Oracle
3. SAP Solutions,
4. .NET Windows
5. Web Forms,
6. Siebel,
7. PeopleSoft,
8. Web services,
and terminal emulator applications.

QTP’s Add-in Manager facilitates the users to select the technology / environment from variety of environments suitable for the AUT (Application Under Test)

Once an add-in is loaded, users can record that application in its supported environment and thus QTP recognizes the objects specific to the application under test (AUT) as loaded through Add-in Manager.

It is critical for the users to know the development technologies / environment of AUT, and load right Add-Ins while invoking Quick Test Pro

QTP Interface

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QTP - Main Window

1) Test Pane:

Test Pane contains two labs to view the tests,
- Keyword View
- Expert View

Keyword View:

Quick Test Pro displays your test in the form of a collapsible, icon based tree…

Expert View:

Quick Test Pro displays the source code (VB Script) of the tests in this view.

2) Data Table :

Data table assists in Parameterizing the tests…

3) Debug Viewer Pane :

It assists in debugging tests with the help of Watch Expressions, Variables, and Command.

4) Active Screen Pane :