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QTP Classroom and Online Training

HP Quick Test Professional Online Training from Automation Infotech 91-9763315036

Comprehensive QuickTest Professional 9.2

Course Code : QTP102009

Source : AutoamtionInfotech HP Quick Test Professional (QTP basic to In-depth concepts + VB Scripting + Descriptive Programming + Framework Development + Certification) Training Automation Infotech is a leading software training company from Pune. specialized in software testing started Manual Testing, QTP Certification, Loadrunner, Quality Center, C# Specialist and Perl Specialist trainings. Trainers certified with having 4+ years of exp and working as a Module Test Lead with MNC. The main objective of Automation Infotech is to provide quality training in testing for the candidates looking to explore their career. Following are the 100% job guaranteed trainings offered by Automation Infotech Please find below the QTP training details. Training: QTP Specialist with Framework plus Certification Training Duration: 4-5 weeks Trainer: QTP Certified with 4+ years of experience working as module leadFee: 7000-------------------------------------------------------------------Please find below the Quality Center training details. Training: Quality Center training, with real time example and project based. (User and Admin both) plus CertificationDuration: 3-4 weeks Course Contents: Both User and Admin part will be covered with real-time example Fee: 5000-------------------------------------------------------------------Please find below the Manual Testing training details. Training: Manual-testing training, with real time example and project based.Duration: 3-4 weeksFee: 4000 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Please find below the ISTQB [International Software Testing Quality Board] training details. Training: ISTQB with Sample certification paper.Duration: 3-4 weeksFee: 4000 -------------------------------------------------------------------Note: Each batch will only have 10-12 members. Please inform to all your friends, who are looking for Quality Training in Testing.
This core course provides a comprehensive understanding of using QuickTest Professional 9.2 as an automated functional testing tool for different environments. You will use QuickTest Professional?s graphical point and click interface to record and play back tests, add synchronization points and verification steps, and create multiple action tests. You will build upon fundamental topics by using debug tools to troubleshoot tests and use additional checkpoints and product options to broaden the scope of business processes that can be automated. Once tests are created, you will discover and correct common record and play back problems. All topics are supported by hands-on exercises that are based on real-life examples. Take your functional test automation skills to the next level bylearning to use the Expert View in QuickTest Professional.Through discussions and hands-on exercises, you will learn tocreate steps that work with dynamic objects and data, useVBScript conditional and looping statements to control the flow ofyour tests and components, and use Data Table methods anddatabase connection objects to retrieve external data. Intended Audience New users of QuickTest who need to automate manual testing and verification in a short amount of time Quality assurance engineers who will assume technical lead roles in the use of QuickTest Professional.Quality assurance engineers who will support business analysts using Business Process Testing.Other users of QuickTest Professional who need to customize and enhance their automated tests using scripting.Course ObjectivesAt the end of the course, you will be able to: Create basic scripts from a manual test caseEnhance basic tests with synchronization and verificationParameterize tests to run with multiple sets of dataCreate and reuse modular actionsUse the Object RepositoryUse debugging toolsUse custom checkpoints to create more precise verification points within a testUse the Object Repository ManagerDescribe and use virtual objectsResolve object recognition problemsIdentify the advantages of Expert View.Translate steps between Keyword View and Expert Views.Enter test steps in Expert View.Retrieve and use the properties of an application object.Use constants and variables in tests.Identify application objects with programmatic descriptions.Create tests that include VBScript operators, functions, and statements.Retrieve data from application objects.Describe and use various VBScript looping statements.Use the Data Table object to store run-time data and drive actions.Create scripts that access data from external sources.Create new subroutines and functions.Create and associate a library of functions.Use the Function Library editor.Identify when to handle exceptions programmatically.PrerequisitesWorking knowledge of WindowsWeb sites and browsersTesting conceptsRecommended Follow Up CoursesAdvanced QuickTest Professional 9.2 Course Outline Overview Of QuickTest Professional 9.2Preparing to RecordCreating a ScriptWorking with ObjectsUsing SynchronizationUsing Standard CheckpointsUsing Parameters and Data Driven TestsUsing Multiple and Reusable ActionsUsing Database CheckpointsUsing Recovery ScenariosObject Repository Administration and MaintenanceScript DebuggingIntroduction to Advanced QTPIntroduction to the Expert ViewUsing the Expert ViewWorking with Object PropertiesWorking with Dynamic ObjectsUsing VBScript Operators, Statements, and FunctionsRetrieving External DataCreating New ProceduresAutomation Frameworks

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