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QTP Training in Pune - 9763315036

Learn QTP In Pune:- Automation QTP Specialist Training:- 9763315036

Classroom and Online Training QTP Classes in Pune,Delhi and Mumbai-09763315036

HP Quick Test Professional Online training from Automation Infotech 91-9763315036

Comprehensive QuickTest Professional 10.0
Course Code : QTP032012
Source : AutoamtionInfotech

HP Quick Test Professional (QTP basic to In-depth concepts + VB Scripting +

Descriptive Programming + Framework Development + Certification) Training

Please find below the QTP training details.

Training: QTP Specialist with Framework plus Certification Training

Duration: 4-5 weeks

Trainer: QTP Certified with 6+ years of experience working as Automation lead

Call 09763315036 / 9405612254

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QTP Classroom and Online Training QTP Classes in Pune,Delhi and Mumbai-09763315036

HP Quick Test Professional Online training from Automation Infotech 91-9763315036

Comprehensive QuickTest Professional 10.0
Course Code : QTP032012
Source : AutoamtionInfotech

HP Quick Test Professional (QTP basic to In-depth concepts + VB Scripting +

Descriptive Programming + Framework Development + Certification) Training

Automation Infotech is a leading software training
company from Pune. specialized

in software testing started Manual Testing, QTP Certification, Loadrunner, Quality

Center, C# Specialist and

Perl Specialist trainings. Trainers certified with having 4+ years of exp and

working as a Module Test Lead with MNC.The main

objective of Automation Infotech is to provide

quality training in testing for the candidates looking to explore their career.

Following are the 100% job guaranteed trainings offered by Automation Infotech

Please find below the QTP training details.

Training: QTP Specialist with Framework plus Certification Training

Duration: 4-5 weeks

Trainer: QTP Certified with 6+ years of experience working as Automation lead

Call 09763315036 / 9405612254


Please find below the Quality Center training details.

Training: Quality Center training, with real time example and project based. (User and Admin both) plus Certification

Duration: 3-4 weeks
Course Contents: Both User and Admin part will be covered with real-time example
Fee: 6000


Please find below the Manual Testing training details.

Training: Manual-testing training, with real time example and project based.
Duration: 3-4 weeks
Fee: 4000

Please find below the ISTQB [International Software Testing Quality Board]

training details. Training: ISTQB with

Sample certification paper.

Duration: 3-4 weeks
Fee: 4000

Note: Each batch will only have 10-12 members. Please inform to all your friends, who are looking for Quality Training in Testing.

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This core course provides a comprehensive understanding of using QuickTest Professional 10.0 as an automated functional

testing tool for different environments. Course Outline Overview Of QuickTest Professional 10.0 Preparing to Record Creating a ScriptWorking with Objects Using Synchronization Using Standard

Checkpoints Using Parameters and Data Driven Tests Using Multiple and Reusable

Actions Using Database Checkpoints. Using Recovery Scenarios

Object Repository Administration and Maintenance Script Debugging.

Introduction to Advanced QTPIntroduction to the

Expert ViewUsing the Expert View Working with Object

Properties Working with Dynamic Objects Using VBScript Operators, Statements,

and Functions Retrieving External Data Creating New Procedures Descriptive

Programming Automation Frameworks Please book your seat by confirm your seat on



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This course includes:- QTP Basic, QTP Advanced, VBScript, Descriptive

Programming and Framework

Trainer : - Working with top MNC as QA Lead

Experience of Trainer :- 6 Years of real time experience in QTP

Training Experience :- Trained more then 10000 professionals. Well known for

corporate trainings in MNCs

New Batch starts every alternative weekends

Week End Batch

Course fee - Rs. 7000/-

Duration – 96 Hrs (4 Hrs/Day for Saturday and Sunday Only)

For Details Contact :-

Rohit Agrawal

Automation Infotech


Pimple Saudagar

Pune - 411017

Ph No:- 9763315036

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QTP- WebElement Recognization Issue

Assistance with Quick Test Professional WebElement Object Recognition issues is one of the most-asked questions I receive.
It’s mostly due to the reasons I list in my 6 Things to Try When QTP Does Not Recognize an Object post; other times the issue is that people are having a hard time interacting with a web element – for instance, trying to enter text into a web element without any luck.
Although it can be frustrating at times to obtain the behavior you want, you can actually use the .object method of QTP to get around most interaction issues.
WebElement Frustration
Recently I received an email from a frustrated user. They wrote:
Here is a sample problem I am running into:
  • go to
  • select Shop/Phones from the menu
  • add any phone to the cart
  • enter a zip code and click check availability
We have now arrived at a place where the problem is: How would one make that State drop down select a state?”
Using the object method along with descriptive programming will allow us to get around this issue.
How to enter text into a WebElement
  • First, start QTP up and manually follow the steps above to get to the state web element that we’re going to work with in the following example.

  • Click “record” on QTP, select a state from the dropdown and stop recording.
  • Notice how only the click action is recorded, without any information on what state was selected:

Browser("Checkout Step 1 | Shipping/Bil").Page("Checkout Step 1 | Shipping/Bil").Link("State").Click

  • Next, point the QTP spy on the state field.

The “State” field is identified as a webelement. (This kind of stinks, because if you look at the help for the methods of a webelement, there are no available methods for entering or selecting text.)
WebElement Methods
Method NameMethod Desc
CaptureBitmapSaves a screen capture of the object as a .png or .bmp image, depending on the
specified file extension.
CheckChecks whether the actual value of an item matches the expected value.
CheckPropertyChecks whether the specified object property achieves the specified value within the specified timeout.
ChildObjectsReturns the collection of child objects contained within the object.
ClickClicks the object.
DragPerforms the ‘drag’ part of a drag and drop operation.
DropPerforms the ‘drop’ part of a drag and drop operation.
FireEventTriggers an event.
GetROPropertyReturns the current value of the specified identification property from the object in the application.
GetTOPropertiesReturns the collection of properties and values used to identify the object.
GetTOPropertyReturns the value of the specified identification property from the test object
MiddleClickMiddle-clicks the object.
OutputRetrieves the current value of an item and stores it in a specified location.
RefreshObjectInstructs QuickTest to re-identify the object in the application the next time a step refers to this object.
RightClickRight-clicks the object.
SetTOPropertySets the value of the specified identification property in the test object description.
Submit Submits a form.
ToStringReturns a string that represents the current test object.
WaitPropertyWaits until the specified object property achieves the specified value or exceeds
the specified timeout before continuing to the next step.
Now what? Actually, we’re in luck; we can use the webelements object method along with descriptive programming to access and interact with the native methods and properties of a webelement.
WebElement Object Property with Descriptive Programming
To select a state — Rhode Island, for instance — we can use the innertext property to select the value in the State webelement as follows:
Browser("Checkout Step 1 | Shipping/Bil").Page("Checkout Step 1 | Shipping/Bil").Link("html tag:=A","index:=1").WebElement("html tag:=SPAN").Object.innertext = "Rhode Island"

Using descriptive programming allows us to bypass the object repository and use the property/value in place of an OR name. Using the innertext property of the web element allows us to set the State name we want to use.
This should give us enough functionality to move on in our scripting.