Friday, July 25, 2014

VB Script Fundamentals And Features

 VB Script Fundamentals And Features

VB Script has several purposes:

a) Client side scripting in the Web (HTML)(Browser) (IE)

b) Server side scripting in the Web (ASP) (Web Server)(IIS)

c) Network Administration (Server OS) (WSH-Windows Script Host)

d) System Administration (Client OS) (WSH-Windows Script Host)

e) Test Automation (QTP) (QTP)

Our QTP Point of view below are the learning objectives:
a) Adding Comments

b) Data types

c) Declarations (Variables (Scalar and Array),Constants))

d) VB Script Operators

    i) Arithmetic Operators (Including Concatination operators)
    ii) Comparison
    iii) Logical
e) Flow Control Statements (a. Conditional Statements)
        i) If...Then...Else...End If
        ii) Select Case...Case...Case Else...End Select

f) Flow Control Statements (b. Loop Statements)
        i) For...Next
        ii) While...Wend
        iii) Do While/Until...Loop
        iV) For Each...Next

g) VB Script Procedures(Functions)
        i) Built-in Functions(String, Array, Math,Date & Time, Conversion functions etc...)
        ii) User defined
            1) Sub Procedures
            2) Function Procedures

h) Coding Convensions


i) File System Operations

j) Excel sheet Operations

k) database Operations

l) Other VB Script Objects
        i) Dictionary Object
        ii) Word
        iii) Internet Explorer Object
        iV) RegExp Object

m) Regular expressions

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