Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Chapter 10 - Download and Install Java

Download and Install Java

We need to have JDK (Java Development Kit) installed inorder to work with Selenium Webdriver/Selenium. Let us look at how to download and Install Java.
Step : 1 Navigate to the URL :
Step : 2 Goto "Downloads" Section and Select "JDK Download".
Selenium IDE 30
Step : 3 Select "Accept License Agreement" radio button.
Selenium IDE 31
Step : 4 Select the appropriate installation. In this case it is 'Windows 7-64' bit. Click the appropriate link and Save the .exe file to your disk.
Selenium IDE 32
Step : 5 Run the downloaded exe file and the Installer wizard is launched. Click 'Next' to continue.
Selenium IDE 33
Step : 6 Select the Features and click 'Next'.
Selenium IDE 34
Step : 7 The installer is extracted and the progress of the same is shown in the wizard.
Selenium IDE 35
Step : 8 The user can choose the install location and click 'Next'.
Selenium IDE 36
Step : 9 The installer installs the JDK and new files are copied across.
Selenium IDE 37
Step : 10 The Installer installs successfully and displays the same to the user.
Selenium IDE 38
Step : 11 To verify if the installation is successful, goto command prompt and just type 'java' as a command. The output of the command is shown below. If the Java Installation is unsuccessful or if it had NOT been installed it would throw, "unknown command" error.
Selenium IDE 48

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