Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Chapter 14- Configure Selenium RC

Configure Selenium RC

Now let us look at how to configure Selenium Remote control. We will understand how to develop scripts with Selenium RC in upcoming chapters, however for now we will understand just the configuration part of it.
Step : 1 Navigate to the selenium downloads section and download Selenium Server by clicking on its version number as shown below.
Selenium IDE 45
Step : 2 After Downloading we need to start the Selenium Server. To do the same, open command prompt and navigate to the folder where the downloaded JAR file is kept as shown below.
Selenium IDE 46
Step : 3 To Start the server, use the command 'java -jar <> and if java JDK is installed properly you would get a success message as shown below. Now we will be able to start writing Selenium RC scripts which will be dealt in the next chapter.
Selenium IDE 47

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