Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Chapter 22- Mouse Actions

Mouse Actions

Sometimes we would be in a situation to perform some complex mouse events such as double click, right click , hover over etc. Below are some of the key mouse actions that one would come across in most of the applications.
  • Click - Perform a Click. We can also perform a click based on coordinates.
  • contextClick - Performs a context click/right click on an element or based on the coordinates
  • doubleClick - Performs a double click on the webelement or based on the coordinates. If left empty it performs double click on the current location.
  • mouseDown - Performs a mouse down action on an element or based on co-ordinates.
  • mouseMove - Performs a mouse move action on an element orbased on co-ordinates.
  • mouseUp - Releases the mouse usually followed by mouse down action and acts based on co-ordinates.
void click(WebElement onElement)
void contextClick(WebElement onElement)
void doubleClick(WebElement onElement)
void mouseDown(WebElement onElement)
void mouseUp(WebElement onElement)
void mouseMove(WebElement toElement)
void mouseMove(WebElement toElement, long xOffset, long yOffset)

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