Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Chapter 6- Selenium IDE Debugging

Selenium IDE Debugging

Debugging is the process of finding and fixing errors in the test script which is a common step of any script development. To Make the process more robust we can make use a plugin "Power Debugger" for Selenium IDE
Step 1 : To Install Power Debugger for Selenium IDE, Navigate to and click on "Add to Firefox" Link as shown below.
Selenium IDE 16
Step 2 : Now launch 'Selenium IDE' and you will notice a new icon, "Pause on Fail" on recording toolbar as shown below. Click on the same to turn it ON. Upon clicking again, it would be turned "OFF".
Selenium IDE 17
Step 3 : Users can turn "pause on fail" on or off any time even when the test is running
Step 4 : Once the test case pauses due to a failed step, you can use the usual resume/step buttons to continue the test execution. The execution will NOT be paused if the failure is on the last command of any test case.
Step 5 : We can also use break points to understand what exactly happens during the step. To Insert a break point on a particular step, perform a "Right Click" and select "toggle Break Point" from the context sensitive menu.
Selenium IDE 18
Step 6 : Upon inserting the breakpoint, the particular step is displayed with a pause icon as shown below.
Selenium IDE 19
Step 7 : When we execute the script, the script execution is paused where the break point is inserted. This will help the user to evaluate the value/presence of an element etc when the execution is in progress.
Selenium IDE 20

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